5 Reasons to adopt BYOD …or not


As you read this article your Smartphone sits within grabbing distance, either in your pocket or on your desk. Discretely vibrating with every tweet, Facebook comment or Whatsapp message you receive. You check it on average 150 times a day, take it with you to the toilet, and its the first thing you look at when you wake up (not your partner), and now, your employer says they’ll pay for it. Bonus! or is it?

5 reasons to adopt BYOD, why almost 95% of businesses are using it, and what that means for you:

1. Be Your Own Domain – be in control of the apps you use to do your job. You know what works for you and what doesn’t. By using your own device you decide what goes on it.

2. Be Your Owners Dog – That shrill dog whistle of a an email notification at 6:30am makes you accessible 24/7, and therefore a ‘better employee’.

3. Boost Your Organisations Dollar – Cisco reports that “companies can save as much as $3,150 per employee per year if they implement a comprehensive BYOD program”.

4. Better Your Own Day  – You’ll invest more time in learning how to use your chosen device, and therefore be more productive with it.

5. Build Your Own Dreams – The flexibility to work from where you want, when you want, on the device you want apparently makes us more innovative (just make sure all that innovation it being pumped back into HQ).

There’s generally a lot of upside to BYOD. However a CIO has their work cut out with security and infrastructure concerns, but thats not something you need to worry yourself with, as long as you follow protocol.

You may have already wondered unwittingly into the world of BYOD, but if you’re still making up your mind you may want to consider one last thought. Its Monday morning, your boss is yelling at you, he’s been trying to reach you all weekend to get the numbers for his board meeting first thing. How plausible is your excuse “I left my phone at work”, when its no longer a work phone?

Research and further reading: https://skim.it/u/jack/byod

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