Rapid API & Skim Technologies Partnership

Data Scientists and Software Developers looking for a reliable way of extracting data from websites to use in their own models, products & services can now access our powerful Skim.it API via the RapidAPI marketplace.

We’ve teamed up with RapidAPI to make our service easier to discover, test and use. The marketplace is the biggest in the world for the ever growing API market, and as such provides us with direct access to the largest community of data scientists and developers that will now benefit from using our highly accurate HTML data extraction, and summarisation API’s with ease.

Our Skim.it Data Extraction API has been developed over the last three years, using a unique (patent pending) Machine Learning approach to data extraction. Users of the API can extract a range of features from a breadth of page types, without having to use laborious, manual and time consuming rules, while still ensuring highly accurate results. Because of this, users can work with live, unstructured data for a range of products and services from media monitoring, business & sales intelligence, price tracking, compliance, and much more.

RapidAPI are the go-to place for discovering new API’s, with over 500 million users currently accessing API’s and building incredible software with them. They provide secondary support and a well thought-out onboarding process, that removes any friction for developers wanting to start using an API immediately. This, as well as their brilliant work in supporting the API economy, make them our first choice as marketplace partners.

Skim Technologies are focused on building the most accurate data extraction services in the world. Working with RapidAPI, we remain focused on that goal with the peace of mind that our customers are being looked after.


To start using the Skim.it Data Extraction API visit https://rapidapi.com/SkimIT/api/Web%20Data%20Extraction or email api@skim.it for more information.

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