This is a skim

This is a skim

A skim is a digestible summary that allows you to process information faster and more efficiently.

We designed the skim as a way of combatting information overload. We’re on a mission to save people reading time, and improve the way we find and share content online.

The skims are generated using the Skim API, just pass a URL through the service, we extract the most important parts of the page, and summarise them down into a skim-readable card, perfect for viewing on mobile, in a chat interface, and now even voice.

You can generate your own skims just read the documentation here: 

The skim always links back to the original article and remains a source of truth; without changing any meaning or giving a different point of view from what the author intended. 

Skims can be used in applications such as news, media monitoring, enterprise search, business intelligence, education, and many other applications.

We’d be interested to hear what use cases you have for skims, and will do our best to support you implementing it into your products.

Email: with any questions.

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